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Listen 2 This

From June 5 to 16 I am showing a group of painting's at 107 titled 'Listen to This'. This is a small blurb I wrote about the exhibition themes to accompany the works.

The paintings express the thrill of music as the consumption of it changes and the live scene faces more challenges. I take a look at the people, aesthetic and culture that shape this by creating works that are rough around the edges but pretty on the inside.

The path of the works have been about celebrating the music scene while despairing at the changes that have brought the closer of many of Sydney's live venue and opportunities to gather with like minded people who would create the next wave of innovative music.

My representation of what orbits around the music and the nightlife are the characters and their experiences, and the nostalgia of the patterns and colours from the torn paper of bill posters.

Most of the paintings came from observations of people I had done over the past few years and could loose…

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